Do you deliver?

Yes! We offer free delivery to restaurants within the Brisbane area.

Do you have a minimum order amount?

2kg is the minimum order for restaurants and cafés.

Do you sell to the public?

Yes! Our mushrooms are available via local farm gate stalls and
farmer's markets. Visit the Events page for market dates or follow us on Instagram @littleacremushrooms for these locations and announcements.  

How fresh are your mushrooms?

Our farm is located just 2km from Brisbane CBD. The mushrooms don't have to travel far before they are being lovingly prepared and plated up at a café or restaurant sometimes less than 1km away from where they were grown!

How do I best store my mushrooms?

We grow cold weather varieties that are best stored at 2 degrees Celsius in a ventilated container in the fridge. Colder weather varieties grow more slowly but because of this they have a meatier texture and have a greater shelf-life.

Are your mushrooms Australian grown?

All the processes to cultivate our mushrooms are conducted by us
at our farm in Brisbane and we source our cultures and mushroom
spawn from reputable Australian owned and operated suppliers.
Our mushrooms are 100% Australian grown.

Are your mushrooms organic?

While our mushrooms are not Australian Certified Organic we adhere as closely as possible to the Australian Organic Standard guidelines and they
are grown using organic inputs such as 100% Australian hardwood sawdust
from sustainable sources. We do not use any chemical sprays, pesticides, fungicides or any other cides on our mushrooms.

Do you sell mushroom compost?

Our mushrooms grow on clean hardwood sawdust and organic sugar cane mulch, not composted manure like traditional button mushrooms. Once we've harvested our mushrooms, our spent mushroom substrate is a compost ingredient, not a finished compost product. It's collected and composted by LOOP Growers and Neighbourhood Farm who turn it into soil enriching goodness on their farms!