Grow gourmet mushrooms the way nature intended

Join us in learning how to make a mushroom log that will fruit for many years to come.

Mushrooms are the world's great recyclers, breaking down decaying organic matter and returning nutrients to the soil. Emulating this natural process, we will show you how to grow mushrooms at home with zero waste.

Growing mushrooms on logs requires patience (you'll have to wait up to 12 months for your first mushrooms) but using this method you will get to enjoy mushrooms when the conditions are right for up to 5 years.

Minimum Age: 15 years

What we cover

Our hands-on log cultivation workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to grow your own delicious mushrooms at home! We will provide a selection of freshly cut logs which each participant will turn into a mini mushroom farm.

Our workshop covers:

  • Log Cultivation practices
  • Easy at home log cultivation instructions
  • Hands-on practical demonstrations
  • Creating your own Mushroom log
  • What species you can grow
  • Tips and Tricks on fruiting your mushroom

Choose your own mushroom adventure


The process that we will use will involve drilling holes in logs, inserting in different types of mushroom spawn and sealing with bee's wax or soy wax to suit your preference.

You get to choose what type of mushrooms you want to grow, choose from:

  • Oyster Mushrooms
  • Lion's Mane  
  • Shiitake Mushrooms

Not sure what one is right for you? Don't worry we will provide all the information on the day so you can make your choice.

What you take home

Your ticket price includes:

  • A freshly made Gourmet Mushroom log - made by you!
  • 10% off in the Biome Shop on the day
  • Exclusive access to our private online group to network and access digital resources
  • Lifetime membership to our 'Culture Club' allowing every workshop attendee to purchase a variety of Mushroom Spawn and Cultures at discounted prices. This is only available to Little Acre Workshop Alumni!

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