What we grow

Pink oyster mushroom or Pleurotus djamor
Gold oyster mushroom or Pleurotus citrinopileatus
Blue Pearl Oyster Mushoom




King Brown Mushrooms or King Oyster Mushrooms
Chestnut Mushroom
Lion's Mane mushroom




White oyster mushroom or Pleurotus ostreatus


Pink Oysters have a sweet, nutty flavour. They will lose some vibrancy when cooked with high heat but maintain a blushing pink colour on the plate for eye-catching appeal.

With their distinctive snowball form and cascading icicle-like teeth the Lion’s Mane mushroom is unlike any other edible mushroom variety. Its meaty texture and crustacean flavour has been likened to lobster and this can be intensified with the addition of butter during cooking.

This stout, thick fleshed mushroom has a sweet, delicate flavour. Both cap and stem are beautiful to eat with a meaty texture often compared to abalone. It holds its form when cooked and its elegant mushroom shape looks amazing in any dish. Our personal favourite!

The Chestnut mushroom is a delicious new addition to our range, with a beautiful nutty flavour and firm texture. It is also known as a Cinnamon Cap for its stunning colour. Chestnuts take two months to grow so please call to discuss lead times if you’d like to order large quantities.

Pleurotus eryngii

Hericium coralloides

Pholiota adiposa

Pleurotus djamor

Pleurotus ostreatus

Pleurotus citrinopileatus

Pleurotus ostreatus

White Oysters have a mild, chicken-like flavour and meaty texture. A real all-rounder and great protein swap for plant-based cooking.

Gold Oysters have a very nutty cashew-like flavour. Grows in large clusters of small and delicate individuals - a beautiful garnishing mushroom.

Velvety Blue Oysters have stunning pearlescent caps. These versatile oysters have a lovely umami flavour and smooth texture.  

Gourmet mixes

Order by variety or select from one of our gourmet mixes. There are three to choose from:


A seasonal mix of our available oyster varieties.


Our Oyster Mix with the addition of delicious King Browns, also known as King Oysters.


A mix of all of our available varieties including King Browns, Chestnuts, and Lion’s Mane.

Got a question?

Q. Is there a minimum order quantity?

Our minimum wholesale delivery is 2kg.

Q. Can I choose the time you deliver?

We deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you're getting a large delivery you can choose to split this over the two days to suit your prep days or busy periods.

Q. How fresh are your mushrooms?

Our mushrooms are picked and packed the day before delivery so they are always super fresh! We're located so close to Brisbane City they don't spend much time in transit and as you're buying direct from the farmer, there is minimal handling. These factors are crucial to producing premium quality gourmet mushrooms as by nature they are very delicate little things.

Q. How long do they store for?

Storage life depends on species and how they are kept. Mushrooms are best stored in a ventilated container at 2-5 degrees Celcius. Pink and Gold Oysters have the shortest storage life of 5-7 days whereas White and Blue Oysters will store up to 10 days and King Browns can store for 14-21 days.

Q. Are your mushrooms Australian grown?

All the processes to cultivate our mushrooms are conducted by us at our farm in Brisbane. We create our own mushroom spawn and make our own mushroom blocks! Our mushrooms are 100% Australian grown.

Q. How do you package your mushrooms?

On their way to you, your mushrooms are kept cool and cosy, travelling in our refrigerated van, nestled inside our custom designed mushroom boxes. These boxes are precious to us so we ask that you return them (in good condition) on your next delivery so we can re-use them. We do not use any plastic packaging.

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