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A beautiful Pink Oyster mushroom

Hyper-local, premium quality

Little Acre is Brisbane’s only inner-city mushroom farm. We supply our high-quality and delicious gourmet mushrooms to restaurants and cafes in the local area. We use the latest technology and proven cultivation techniques so our farm can run reliably with the smallest footprint possible, all year round.

Our farm is based in the heart of Brisbane, meaning we can even deliver to some of our restaurants on foot - talk about low food miles! We personally harvest, pack and deliver to ensure premium quality and freshness and our mushrooms are 100% Australian grown.

Mickey and Amy are gourmet mushroom growers in Brisbane

Meet your farmers

This is us. Mickey and Amy. With our interests in science and agriculture we found mushroom cultivation to be the perfect pursuit. We are passionate about quality, local produce and sustainable agriculture. We believe innovative farming practices and local food production is a significant path to the future of food.

We want to share our passion for mushroom cultivation and get people excited about using these incredibly versatile and unique ingredients in their cooking. As well as supplying commercially to restaurants we want to engage with our community to increase awareness about sustainable urban farming in our cities, offering workshops to teach you the easy way you can grow your own gourmet mushrooms at home!

A beautiful Pink Oyster mushroom

Mushroom Growing Kits

Mushrooms are highly nutritious, very flavourful, and an excellent substitute for meat. They are also wonderfully fascinating to grow. Get the full mushroom experience by not only eating mushrooms, but growing your own!

Check out our sustainable and easy to use Mushroom Grow Kits for growing, harvesting, and enjoying your own home-grown mushrooms.


Featured varieties

King Brown Mushrooms or King Oyster Mushrooms
Oyster Mushrooms
Lion's Mane mushroom have distinct snowball appearance and are being studied for their medicinal properties




This stout, thick fleshed mushroom has a sweet, delicate flavour. Both cap and stem are beautiful to eat with a meaty texture often compared to abalone. It holds its form when cooked and its elegant mushroom shape looks amazing in any dish. Our personal favourite!

Oyster mushrooms have a mild, nutty flavour. Very versatile with a velvety texture, they go perfectly in broths and soups but are just as good tossed in a wok. A real all-rounder. We have a variety of oyster mushrooms
available in our medley box.

With their distinctive snowball form and cascading icicle-like teeth the Lion’s Mane mushroom is unlike any other edible mushroom variety. Its meaty texture and crustacean flavour has been likened to lobster and this can be intensified with the addition of butter during cooking.



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