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Mycelium Mastery (in-person masterclass)
Mycelium Mastery (in-person masterclass)
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Mycelium Mastery (in-person masterclass)

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Dive into the fascinating world of fungi with our hands-on Mycelium Mastery workshop! This class is Day 2 of our Mushroom Masterclass Weekend. Following on from Fungi Fundamentals - continue your mycological adventures with the knowledge and skills you need to make mushroom spawn and cultures at home, becoming self-sufficient in all steps of mushroom cultivation. This in-person workshop is taught by industry experts with many years of commercial growing experience - all skill levels are welcome.


On the day:

  • Visit and tour a local commercial mushroom farm
  • A catered morning tea and lunch
  • Lots of hands-on practical learning

What you'll take home:

  • 3 liquid mycelium cultures from the Little Acre Culture Bank
  • cloned mushroom plate cultures you make on the day
  • 2kg inoculated bag of grain spawn you make on the day


These workshops are beginner friendly and recommended for persons aged 12 and up. We often see intermediate and even advanced growers learn something new.

Mycelium Mastery is the Day 2 follow-on workshop from Fungi Fundamentals (our original Mushroom Masterclass). We strongly encourage you to also attend Day 1 - Fungi Fundamentals prior to this workshop or to have attended one of our Mushroom Masterclass workshops in the past.


Our in-person workshops are held in our dedicated workshop space at Little Acre in Brisbane - 126A Delta St, Geebung.

There is plenty of free street parking available on weekends and the train station (Geebung or Sunshine station) is just a 15min walk away.

If you have any questions about our location or accessibility please contact us.


If you've bought a ticket and can't attend the workshop for any reason we require you to notify us prior to 7 days before the workshop date to be able to refund you or place you in a future workshop.

What you'll learn at our Mycelium Mastery workshop

SESSION 1: Mycelium - where it all begins 

Discover the science (and magic) of mycelium. What is it and how can we reproduce it, store it and maintain it in order to grow mushrooms. Learn about:

  • How to store and preserve mycelium in different states (agar, liquid and grain)
  • The importance of quality strains and spawn in mushroom cultivation

SESSION 2: Mushroom spawn - the seed to success

You will learn all the do's and don'ts of making mushroom spawn. We will teach you everything you need to know about mushroom spawn production that you can't read in books!

  • Grain selection and preparation
  • Sterilisation process
  • Inoculating sterile grain with mycelium culture - the two main methods
  • Spawn expansion and storage
  • Common contamination and how to avoid it

STUDENT PRACTICAL: Inoculating grain spawn

Get hands-on and learn how to inoculate grain spawn with liquid culture.

SESSION 3: How to set up your at-home Mycology lab 

Key equipment needed to get started at home:

  • Laminar flow cabinets 101
  • Pressure cookers vs autoclaves

SESSION 4: Getting cultured 

Explore the different methods of creating mycelium cultures:

  • How to make agar plate cultures
  • How to make a liquid culture
  • How to expand liquid culture syringes
  • How to clone store-bought mushrooms to make your own cultures

We demonstrate:

  • Correct sterile technique using a laminar flow hood
  • How to clone mushroom tissue

STUDENT PRACTICAL: Cloning mushrooms

Get hands-on and practice cloning mushrooms in front of a laminar flow cabinet. You will take home all the culture plates you make yourself on the day.

TOUR: Urban mushroom farm

The group will take a short walk (5mins) down the street to Good Growin' Mushrooms where we'll tour their commercial mushroom farm.

Your teachers

Mickey Pascoe

Mickey founded Little Acre with Amy in 2017 and has grown Little Acre from the ground up. From lab work to building a steriliser, or designing a growing chamber, Mickey’s got a head full of scientific and practical knowledge and there’s rarely a mushroom related question he can’t answer.

Mickey received a 2022 Churchill Fellowship allowing him to visit mushroom facilities in Europe, Japan and the USA where he gained international expertise. He has also completed Spawn and Substrate production training at the internationally recognised Mycelia Academy in Belgium in 2022.

Mickey has taught hundreds of students mushroom cultivation skills and will put you on the path to success.


Amy Pascoe

Amy has clocked over 30,000 hours observing the growth patterns of mycelia and mushrooms while managing Little Acre’s farming operations since 2017. Amy can tell you down to the hour of when a mushroom will be perfect to pick and has extensive experience in how climatic conditions can affect your crop.

Amy traveled abroad with Mickey in 2023, observing farming practices in some of the world’s largest mushroom operations and learning from growers with decades and generations of mushroom knowledge. 


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