Select your DIY Mushroom Mini Farm Spawn
Select your DIY Mushroom Mini Farm Spawn

Select your DIY Mushroom Mini Farm Spawn

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Before you start your Mushroom Mini Farm, you’ll need the key ingredient - mushroom spawn!

Use the coupon code on the card in your Mini Farm bucket to redeem your packet of fresh mushroom grain spawn.

  1. Select a variety of spawn that best suits your climate (refer to the growing conditions below)
  2. Add your choice of spawn to your cart
  3. At checkout, add in your unique coupon code to receive your spawn at no cost with free shipping.


Choosing the right spawn for you and your climate is key!

Your perfect match could be:

Snow White Oyster: Grows in 10°C to 24°C

This White Oyster mushroom has an amazingly bright white appearance. Forming large white caps, this savoury oyster mushroom is a fantastic protein swap in meaty dishes.

Warm White Oyster: Grows in 10°C to 30°C

This White Oyster mushroom will be lighter in colour when grown at a warm temperature and a darker colour when grown at a cooler temperature. Forming dense bunches, this mushroom is a robust all-rounder.

Gold Oyster: Grows in 18°C to 30°C

Gold Oysters are beautiful and nutty. This tropical mushroom species is great tossed through a pasta or crisped up in a frying pan. Forming tight clusters of golden mushrooms, this variety will add some colour to your kitchen.

Pink Oyster: Grows in 18°C to 30°C

The Pink Oyster Mushrooms love the warm weather - they really cannot stand the cold one little bit!

Blue Oyster: Grows in 10°C to 24°C

Blue Oyster Mushrooms like to chill! They enjoy a cool climate and the cooler the temperature, the darker and richer their blue colour will be. Once they have matured, they turn a stunning pearlescent steel-grey colour.

We recommend you stick to Oyster Mushrooms while using the Mushroom Mini Farm as they are best suited to this method and container. Check out our online mushroom growing workshop for how to grow other species of mushrooms.


If you're not going to start your DIY Mushroom Mini Farm straight away, store your mushroom spawn packet in the fridge for up to three months. Except for the Pink Oyster; it will die if refrigerated!


We promise to get your fungi flourishing! We hand-on-heart believe everyone can grow their own mushrooms and we’re here to help with expert advice and know-how.

So don’t be shy, please get in touch with all your curly questions and we’ll get you growing mushrooms in no time!


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