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Big Block Box

Big Block Box

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Grow like a pro at home!

Skill level


Time to set up

5 mins

Grow location


Block weight

2.2kg each

Expect to grow

3-4 harvests

Average yield

~500g per block, first flush in correct growing conditions.

Shelf life

If not fruiting immediately, store refrigerated for up to 4 weeks.


Grow your very own gourmet mushrooms at home with Little Acre's Big Block Box of mushroom blocks. Perfect for the at-home mushroom grower who wants reliable, high-quality harvests.

The Big Block Box includes a seasonal selection of four (4) highly productive, farm-scale mushroom grow blocks, each weighing 2.2kg.

All you need to do is provide the correct growing conditions to grow loads of mushrooms for the whole family.

Our Winter Selection includes Snow White Oyster, Chocolate Oyster, Lion's Mane and Golden Enoki mushrooms.


Scroll down the page for all the growing conditions for each species included in the Big Block Box.

Harvests: Your first flush (flush = fancy fungi word for harvest) will be approximately 500g per block. If you treat your mushroom block right, you could enjoy 3-4 flushes from these large mushroom grow blocks. Your first flush will always be the biggest and subsequent flushes smaller until the block stops producing mushrooms.

Storage: If you need to store your mushroom blocks, keep them in the fridge. Please note that these larger blocks can pre-pin in the fridge if stored. This will affect your yields once you do decide to grow them, so we recommend starting them as soon as you receive them if possible.


We promise to get your fungi flourishing! We hand-on-heart believe everyone can grow their own mushrooms and we’re here to help with expert advice and know-how.

So don’t be shy, please get in touch with all your curly questions and we’ll get you growing mushrooms in no time!



  • Certified Australian Made
  • Inoculated with Little Acre spawn
  • Support our small (but mighty) business!


  • Organic/chemical-free and non-GMO ingredients 


  • Mushroom block made of pure Australian hardwood sawdust - a timber mill waste product
  • Compost your finished blocks or use them as mulch



We dispatch Big Block Box orders in the first week of the month. All shipments are Express Post to avoid extending the time mushroom products are in transit.

Tracking information

Once your order has been shipped, you’ll receive an email with your tracking link so you can stay up to date with where your order is at.

Click & Collect

Pick up your order from the Little Acre warehouse in Geebung, on Brisbane’s northside. Pick up is free - simply select ‘Pick up’ at checkout.

Pick up is available Monday to Friday, between 8:00am - 3:30pm. Please wait until you're notified via email that your order is ready for collection.

Delivery times

You’ll be able to check your unique delivery estimate provided by Australia Post via the tracking link in your email with the subject “Your order has been shipped!”. We recommend being home to collect your delivery to prevent the grow blocks from being left in the sun as they are heat sensitive.

Shipping costs

Express Shipping via Australia Post - $30.00

Shipping destinations

Unfortunately due to the biosecurity laws in WA we are unable to ship this product there. We currently do not offer international shipping. Sorry team!

What species are included in the Big Block Box



Species: Pleurotus ostreatus 

Snow White Oyster mushrooms have very large crisp white caps. They can grow to dinner plate size in the right conditions. This variety is a high yielder, forming dense heavy clusters.

Fruiting temperature: 15 - 21°C

Fruiting humidity: 85 - 95% RH

CO2 concentration: <800 ppm


Species: Pleurotus ostreatus 

Chocolate Oysters prefer colder conditions. You will grow deep brown caps and more dense clusters in cooler temperatures. If grown at the warmer end of their range, colour will be lighter.

Fruiting temperature: 10 - 21°C

Fruiting humidity: 90 - 95% RH

CO2 concentration: <800 ppm


Species: Hericium erinaceus

Popular for its use as a medicinal mushroom as well as its unique culinary qualities. It has a stemless fruiting body which forms "icicle-like teeth" all over as it reaches maturity.

Fruiting temperature: 16 - 24°C

Fruiting humidity: 90 - 95% RH

CO2 concentration: <1000 ppm


Species: Flammulina velutipes

Golden Enoki are the gold version of the common Enoki mushroom. Known for their crunchy stems and little pin top caps, these are a stunning mushroom and easy to grow.

Fruiting temperature: 10 - 21°C

Fruiting humidity: 85 - 95% RH

CO2 concentration: <2000 ppm

Get the most out of your Big Block Box!

To get the most out of your mushroom blocks we recommend setting up a simple growing system such as a shotgun fruiting chamber. This easy-to-make chamber will help you maintain high humidity levels, helping your big mushroom blocks thrive!

Need more information?

How many mushrooms will I get?

These mushroom blocks are designed for optimum yield. You can expect to get ~500g of mushrooms from a first flush. Yields will be heavily affected by the conditions in which the mushroom block is grown, so be sure to pay close attention to the instructions provided in your first delivery to avoid disappointment.

You can get several flushes of mushrooms from each block, usually 3-4 harvests. The first flush will always be the biggest and fastest to grow. Subsequent flushes may take several weeks. Once the mushroom block has become lighter, and hasn't produced any mushrooms for a month, the block is spent. This means it's time to compost it or use it as mulch in your garden!

Why can't I choose my own mushroom varieties?

We want everyone to have a great experience growing their own mushrooms at home! To ensure you're growing consistently, the team at Little Acre selects a seasonal mix of grow blocks based on the time of year and the mushroom's ideal growing conditions. We understand not everyone will be able to control their growing conditions so we do our best to provide you with a range of mushroom species which we believe will perform best for you while also providing people with commercial strains which are not available in our smaller mushroom kits.

The species mix will change every 3 months.

Where can I find growing instructions?

Included in your first Big Block Box delivery will be a detailed instruction sheet which covers everything you need to know to grow your blocks successfully. Topics covered in the instructions include:

  • the best way to open each grow block depending on species
  • how long each species takes to fruit
  • the ideal growing conditions for each species
  • grow setups and techniques to achieve ideal growing conditions
  • how to harvest each species
  • how to get multiple flushes
  • troubleshooting tips

What is the best way to grow these blocks?

To get the most out of your mushroom blocks we recommend setting up a growing system such as a shotgun fruiting chamber, small grow tent or fruiting room. Some species included in the Big Block Box are more sensitive to fluctuations in humidity and require more attention than our range of ready-to-grow mushroom kits.

Are mushroom blocks the same as mushroom grow kits?

The main difference between the mushroom blocks included in the Big Block Box and our Mushroom Grow Kits is size. The grow blocks weigh 2.2kg each and they don't come in any packaging - just a plain mushroom grow bag. The mushroom blocks also require more love and attention than our ready-to-grow mushroom kits.

What they have in common is the same high-yielding substrate mix of Australian hardwood sawdust and Australian-grown, non-GMO soy hulls, that is inoculated with our commercial mushroom strains.

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