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Shiitake Mushroom Plug Spawn

Shiitake Mushroom Plug Spawn

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Package contains:

  • 400 hardwood dowels colonised with Shiitake mushroom mycelium ready and waiting to inoculate logs.
  • Spiral grooved hardwood dowels specifically designed for creating mushroom plug spawn.  
  • Prepared in our purpose-built, high quality cleanrooms and laboratory facility.
  • Comes in a sealed filter patch bag.

Hint: We recommend using 50 plugs for a log of 100 - 150mm diameter and 1000mm in length.


Chill in the fridge until ready to use. Use within three months for best results.

Scroll down for more growing details.



  • Produced here at our Brisbane facility
  • Support our small (but mighty) independent business!


  • Outdoor log cultivation is a natural, Earth-friendly way to cultivate mushrooms
  • Shipped using biodegradable tape in a recyclable cardboard box


We strongly recommend shipping plug spawn via Express Post as mycelium is extremely sensitive to temperature changes and transport conditions.


We ship orders Monday to Thursday. We do not dispatch mushroom plug spawn on Fridays to avoid it being in transit over weekends due to its heat sensitve nature. Any orders placed on Thursday after 12pm or Friday will be dispatched the following Monday.

Please note this applies to all orders, including Express Post shipments.

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Learn how to make a mushroom log

Want to make mushroom logs but don't know where to start?

Our DIY Mushroom Log Kit will teach you how to incorporate edible mushrooms into your backyard or garden in three easy steps. Included in the kit are all the bits and bobs you need to get started including plug spawn, a drill bit, wax, a wax applicator and an in-depth instructional video.

Log cultivation tips


Species name: Lentinula edodes

Shiitake are a signature gourmet mushroom with a strong umami flavour. It requires cold temperatures to fruit.

Shiitake Mushrooms are well known for being suited to outdoor log cultivation.


Most tree-loving mushroom species prefer hardwood tree species with a few exceptions. For mushroom log cultivation, stick to hardwood species and avoid Pines, Camphor laurel, and Ironbark. For a full list of suitable tree species for mushroom log cultivation click here to download our guide.

You need to cut your logs from healthy, living trees. We recommend sourcing logs from a sustainable source, or use sustainable practices when cutting trees for mushroom log cultivation.

Some good sources of logs may be your local arborist, a plantation or orchard doing some maintenance or pruning of their trees, or your own backyard if you’re needing to do some tree removal.

Never cut dead, dying, or diseased trees for mushroom growing - these will already have some fungi inhabitants who won’t like sharing their log with your gourmet mushrooms, rude!


Most log sizes will work, but there’s a general rule of thumb - a size that will produce a good amount of mushrooms, while still being easy to work with. We recommend cutting logs to 1m in length and choosing sections 10 - 15cm in diameter.

Small-diameter wood will colonise more quickly but will not produce for as many years and can dry out. Larger logs are really heavy and hard to work with.

You can use branches if that’s what you have available - there’s no need to cut down a whole tree!


Incubation period: 12 - 18 months (log cultivation is a long game). Once colonised your log can fruit seasonally for 5 or more years.

Incubation conditions: Keep your logs somewhere shaded, protected from the wind and a cool temperature. Keep them moist, don't let them dry out. Keep them off the ground otherwise competitor fungi might take over.


Pinning temperature: 13 - 16°C 

Pinning humidity: 95 - 100% relative humidity


Fruiting temperature:

Range: 13 - 18°C
14 - 16°C

Fruiting humidity: 85 - 90% relative humidity

CO2 concentration: 500 - 600 ppm

Important note: these growing guidelines are drawn from our years of experience as commercial mushroom growers. They are a guide only. We encourage experimentation to discover what works best for your individual conditions.

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