Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782) | Little Acre
Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782)
Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782)
Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782)
Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782)
Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782)
Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782)

Shiitake Mushroom Spawn (3782)

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Package contains:

  • 1 - 2kg of mushroom grain spawn ready and waiting to inoculate bulk substrate.
  • Grain is Australian-grown, certified biodynamic wheat sterilised at 121°C in an industrial autoclave.
  • Prepared in our purpose-built, high quality cleanrooms and laboratory facility.  

Hint: We use around 250g of grain spawn per 10L bucket of substrate.


Chill in the fridge until ready to use. Use within three months for best results.

Scroll down for more growing details.


We promise to get your fungi flourishing! We hand-on-heart believe everyone can grow their own mushrooms and we’re here to help with expert advice and know-how.

So don’t be shy, please get in touch with all your curly questions and we’ll get you growing mushrooms in no time!



  • Certified Australian Made
  • Cultured here at our Brisbane facility
  • Support our small (but mighty) independent business!


  • Made on Australian certified biodynamic wheat grain


  • Recycle the plastic spawn bag in RedCycle Bins
  • Shipped using biodegradable tape in a recyclable cardboard box


Are you a mushroom grower looking for a regular supply of commercial quantities of high quality grain spawn?

We have bulk rates for commercial customers. Visit our Wholesale page for more information and to apply for an account.


We strongly recommend shipping grain spawn via Express Post as mycelium is extremely sensitive to temperature changes and transport conditions.


We’ll almost always ship the same-day if ordered before 12pm, and next day after 12pm (please just allow us a little wiggle room for a few rare occasions). In super busy times please allow 3-4 days for dispatch.

Please note this applies to all orders, including our express post shipments.  

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Growing details


Species name: Lentinula edodes var. 3782 

Shiitake are a signature gourmet mushroom with a strong umami flavour. This Shiitake strain #3782, is a high yielding variety. This variety forms consistent round fruit bodies which can flatten out into a saucer shape if left too long on the block. Pick just after the veil separates from the stem for heaviest, best formed shiitake.

Shiitake Mushrooms grow best on hardwood sawdust. We recommend using eco-logs or hardwood fuel pellets if you can not find sawdust. Alternatively, you can use the grain spawn to fill and plug holes in hardwood logs.


Shiitake are fussy about their substrates and only grow on hardwood sawdust or hardwood logs. Oak and Pecan are the best but certain Eucalypts works well too.

For highest yields and premium shiitake, grow at low temperature on hardwood sawdust supplemented with a low percentage of wheat bran. Over-supplementation will cause misshapen mushrooms and can negatively effect yields.


Incubation period:

8 - 10 weeks (sawdust blocks). Average incubation period is 8 weeks.

6 - 12 months (log cultivation).  

Incubation temperature: Room temperature between 21 - 27°C. Do not let the substrate temperature exceed 30 °C.


Pinning temperature: 10 - 15°C 

Pinning humidity: 90 - 100% relative humidity

Cold shock, soaking and vibration can help initiate pinning.


Fruiting temperature:

Range: 10 - 21°C
15 - 17°C

Fruiting humidity: 75 - 95% relative humidity. Shiitake like to be cycled through a changing humidity state.

CO2 concentration: 500 - 1000 ppm

Important note: these growing guidelines are drawn from our years of experience as commercial mushroom growers. They are a guide only. We encourage experimentation to discover what works best for your individual conditions.

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