Our Online Mushroom Workshop

You're going to learn how to make the most of any space you have. Don't have soil or sunlight? Doesn't matter! You don't need them to grow amazing mushrooms.

Join us as we uncover the hidden world of mushrooms and get you growing your own food like you’ve never seen before!


Gift cards available for Online and In-Person Workshops

Give the gift of knowledge! This e-gift card is the perfect pressie for the foodie, gardener or DIY-obsessed loved ones in your life.

If you're not already into mushrooms, get ready to be! Once your loved one has done this course, they'll be chewing your ear off about all things fungi for months to come!

A beautiful Pink Oyster mushroom

Learn from
full-time farmers

Learn from the mushroom cultivation experts, Amy and Mickey – co-founders of Little Acre and full-time mushroom farmers – who supply award-winning gourmet mushrooms to Australia’s finest restaurants and cafés.

Having already taught hundreds of students in sell-out face-to-face workshops, Little Acre’s online mushroom growing course brings their comprehensive class into your home.

There are 20+ video modules and 3 hours of dedicated mushroom growing content! Find everything you need to get growing in the one place – enrol in the Mushroom Workshop today!


What's included in this class?

You won't find a more comprehensive and detailed online mushroom course!

Once enrolled, you’ll gain access to our online learning platform where you can learn at your own pace. Join discussion boards and ask questions. Download resources and participate in live Q&A’s.

We’re with you every step of the way!

Introduction - background on us

How we got started and why we know what we're talking about.

What is mycelium, what is a mushroom?

Mycelium is what we're actually growing - what is it and how does it fit into the fabric of nature?

Process of growing - what is spawn?

How we go from the mycelium
culture, to mushrooms, and then to compost.

Substrates - food for mushrooms

What organic materials can we grow mushrooms on and what can we add for better yields.

Growing containers - bags vs buckets

Reusable containers vs commercial mushroom bags.

What mushroom species can we grow?

In-depth videos dedicated to each species - Oysters, Lion's Mane, Kings, Chestnuts and Reishi.

Keeping it clean - avoid contamination

Pasteurisation vs Sterilisation. How to keep your work area free from common fungal competitors.

Easy substrate pasteurisation method

Practical demonstration of the easiest and best method for pasteurising substrate.

Organic Mushroom Mini Farm Tutorial

Step-by-step instructions for setting up your first Mushroom Mini Farm.

A quick and simple method to help you control your mushroom fruiting conditions.

Make a shotgun fruiting chamber

Low-tech mycelium cultivation

A shortcut method to growing mushrooms without spawn - super low-tech!

Gadgets to improve your set-up

Gear we recommend to take your mushroom growing to the next level - automate your setup.

Meet your teachers

Mickey Pascoe

Head Fun-Guy, loves the camera

Mickey is the main man you'll see on camera taking you through the video modules. He's got an honours degree in Marine Biology and a Masters in Natural Resource Management so nature is his "thing".

Mickey is hands-on in all aspects of mushroom growing, from culture work in the lab to building a steriliser, he's got a head full of scientific and practical knowledge to put you on the path to success.

Amy Christensen

Head Fun-Gal, busy behind-the-scenes

Amy has spent more time with mushrooms than other humans in the past few years. She manages the wholesale side of Little Acre, handpicking, packing and delivering the mushrooms direct to chefs.

Amy can tell you down to the hour when a mushroom will be perfect to pick and has extensive experience in how climatic conditions can affect your crop.



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1 x Organic Mushroom Mini Farm + Free Shipping

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Live Q&A webinars
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20+ in-depth videos
(3 hours of video content)

Downloads and resources

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In-person Masterclass

Everything included in the Premium package plus:

A full day, in-person Masterclass with Mickey and Amy

Extra content on the day

Mushroom Mini Farm refill pack

Ask questions on the day!

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Please note we are unable to send our Organic Mushroom Mini Farm to Western Australia. Please contact us for more information.

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Helpful answers

Q. When is the next in-person Masterclass?

To see available in-person Masterclass dates, book your ticket and view additional details please visit the Masterclass page here.

Q. Can I access all the content at once?

Once enrolled in the online workshop you can access all of the video modules and resources so you can learn at your own pace. Binge the whole class at once or take your time - but we do recommend watching the videos in order.

Q. What does 'Lifetime Access' mean?

If you've purchased the Premium package or attended an In-Person class you'll have access to all of the online content for as long as it's online - which means as long as we're still growing mushrooms...which will be a while, we're addicted!

Q. What is the Organic Mushroom Mini Farm?

The Organic Mushroom Mini Farm is our DIY mushroom kit which allows you to learn through hands-on doing. Everything you need is inside. Learn this simple process and you'll never have to buy mushrooms again! If you enrol online your Organic Mushroom Mini Farm will be posted to you.

Q. Can I go on a payment plan?

Payment plans are only offered for our In-person Masterclass. You are able to pay off the ticket price in instalments using AfterPay, or Zip Pay allows you to buy now and pay later. Please see options at checkout.