Growing conditions

Growing conditions

White Oyster : 10°C to 30°C Fruiting Temperature

This White Oyster mushroom will be lighter in colour when grown in low light and a darker colour when grown in a well lit environment. Forming large flat caps, this savoury oyster mushroom is a fantastic protein swap in meaty dishes. This kit can be stored for a couple of months.

Pink Oyster : 18°C to 30°C Fruiting Temperature

Pink Oysters are deliciously juicy and sweet. This tropical mushroom species is great roasted on a pizza or tossed through a pasta. Forming tight clusters of blushing pink mushrooms, this kit will add some colour to your kitchen. Not the best to store, please start your kit when you receive it.

Pearl Oyster  : 15°C to 30°C Fruiting Temperature

Pearl Oysters start out white but as they grow they develop an amazing blue tinge which fades into a beautiful pearl colour. This variety forms tight bunches and make a delicious meat substitute! This kit can be stored for a couple of months.

Blue Oyster : 10°C to 25°C Fruiting Temperature

Blue Oysters are a cool climate variety. The cooler the temperature the darker and richer the blue colouration. As they mature the dense blue clusters turn a steel grey colour, and make a fantastic addition to a hearty winter broth. This kit can be stored for a couple of months. 

Lion's Mane : 16°C to 24°C Fruiting Temperature

Get ready to harvest your Lion's Mane mushrooms in about 21 days - this is a bit longer than our oyster grow kits but it's definitely worth the wait! You can tell it's ready to pick when the mushroom has developed it's icicle-like teeth all over. 

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