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Pressure Cooker Indicator Strips (40 Pack)

Pressure Cooker Indicator Strips (40 Pack)

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Grow your very own gourmet mushrooms at home with Little Acre's White Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit! It’s easy! It’s fun!

We’ve got you covered with everything you’ll need packed into the box, including:

  • a step-by-step instruction card
  • a spray bottle to mist your kit
  • a pull-out recipe card to prepare a delish mushroom dish
  • the ready-to-grow mushroom block (inoculated with White Oyster AKA Pleurotus ostreatus)

Pop it on your kitchen bench and watch these tasty mushroom morsels appear right before your very eyes!


For best results, start your grow kit right away!

Time til harvest: Just 7-14 days!

Fruiting temperature: 10°C to 30°C
This kit is a versatile all-rounder, growing glorious White Oysters anywhere in this broad temperature range. If you’re not sure what Grow Kit to get, may we humbly suggest you lock this one in!

Harvests: Your first flush (flush = fancy fungi word for harvest) will produce enough gourmet mushrooms to cook a meal for 1-2 people. If you treat your kit right, you could enjoy a smaller second, third and maaaybe a fourth flush (if you are super lucky!).

Storage: Can “chill” in the fridge for up to two months.


Our grow kits are for everyone! Your mum, your neighbour, that friend that’s super hard to buy for.

All you need to do is mist the kit a few times daily and voila! High return for the low time investment, baby.  

Maybe it’s a fun school holiday project with the kids or a way to see if you’d like to take this mushroom-growing thing further (do it!). Just know you’ll be joining the coolest collection of people we know, ie the thousands who have already grown their own mushrooms with deliciously great results. We believe in you!


We're really keen to see you grow your own mushies! If your mushrooms seem to be MIA, please contact us for some personalised advice and assistance. If you pinky-swear you have followed all instructions and your mushroom kit still doesn’t grow, we’ll happily send you a free replacement grow kit.



  • Certified Australian Made
  • Inoculated with Little Acre spawn


  • Locally designed and printed packaging
  • Organic/chemical-free and non-GMO ingredients
  • Support our small (but mighty) business!


  • Shipped using biodegradable tape, in a home-compostable satchel or recyclable cardboard box
  • Recyclable Grow Kit box - don’t be fooled by the vegetable-based finish posing as plastic film! Recycle the plastic grow bag in RedCycle Bins
  • Mushroom block made of pure Australian hardwood sawdust - a timber mill waste product
  • Compost your finished kit or use it as mulch


This White Oyster mushroom forms large flat caps which, combined with its savoury flavour and firm texture, makes it a fantastic protein swap in meaty dishes. People say they taste like chicken - actually, though!

Check your Grow Kit box for the recipe perfected by Founder Mickey (and verified by our taste buds, many, many times).


We’re a little team doing big things here at Little Acre and we do our very best to get your goodies on their way to you ASAP.


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Commercial Industry standard test strips for Autoclaves and Pressure cookers. A must for anyone using a pressure cooker to sterilise substrate or grain spawn.

These are the same strips that we use in our Commercial Industry Autoclave and are also perfect for home use.

Simple paper strips that change colour when the strip reaches 121°C, this is the temperature required for true sterilisation.

Put a test strip inside your substrate or spawn bag that is in the centre of your pressure cooker, this is the bag that will take the longest to get to temperature. If after you have run your pressure cooker the test strip in the centre bag has changed colour then you have confidence that you have successfully sterilised your substrate.

Pack of 40 indicator strips

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