Mushroom Kits

Growing your own vegetables is perfect for anyone who wants produce that is fresh and full of nutrients. Rather than only growing vegetables, you should also delve into the world of growing mushrooms!  

With our Mushroom Kits, you can grow gourmet mushrooms anywhere in your home, all year round.

It’s perfect for enjoying nutritious, tasty mushrooms whenever you want them. Even better, our Mushroom Kits are super easy to use and can deliver multiple harvests.

Order your Mushroom Grow Kits today!


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Our Mushroom Kits are shipped in home-compostable satchels to all Australian States and Territories excluding WA.

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How to set up your Grow Kit

What's in each Mushroom Kit?

Usually mushroom growing requires creating perfect conditions for specific mushroom species to grow. But with our mushroom kit, none of these worries exist. We’ve done all the work for you!

As a result, you'll get fresh mushrooms within a few weeks after starting. Each Mushroom Kit contains substrate inoculated with a live mycelium culture. The mycelium culture, or mushroom spawn, will grow into tasty mushrooms that are absolutely perfect for your favourite dishes.

Mushroom supplies included with the Mushroom Kit are:

  • a spray bottle for misting your mushroom kit with water
  • a step-by-step instruction card
  • a recipe card so you can cook up a tasty mushroom dish

With these, you have everything you need to start your kit and grow a bountiful harvest. Depending on your preferences and climate, you can purchase a kit that provides fresh supplies for either white, pink, pearl or blue oyster mushrooms, as well as our new Lion's Mane mushroom grow kit.

Using Our Mushroom Kit

1. Prep

Open the box to find your detailed instruction card and spray bottle.

2. Water

Use the spray bottle to mist the cut area 2-3 times per day to create a humid environment.

3. Harvest

After a few weeks or so harvest your mushrooms and try out one of our recipes.

Our Mushroom Kits are super easy to use and require hardly any maintenance, making them perfect for anyone. Just follow the instruction card included in the box, spray the kit 2 to 3 times daily with the provided spray bottle, and you will have excellent fruiting conditions.

Within two to three weeks, your mushrooms should be ready to harvest and cook.

The kits are also small enough to unobtrusively fit into any part of your kitchen. In the unlikely event that a kit doesn’t grow mushrooms, simply contact us and we will provide you with a fresh mushroom kit to start again.

Pearl Oyster clusters start out white but as they grow they develop an amazing blue tinge which fades into a beautiful pearl colour.

Blue Oysters are great for cooler climates. The caps will appear midnight blue and fade to a steely blue as they develop.

A pearl oyster mushroom kit that has finished a grow cycle A White Oyster Mushroom Kit A Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

White Oyster

This White Oyster mushroom forms large flat caps and it's savoury flavour and firm texture makes it a fantastic protein swap in meaty dishes.


Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane have a distinctive snowball shape and icicle-like teeth. It has a meaty texture and its flavour has been likened to crab or lobster.


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Get Your Mushroom Grow Kit

Ready for fresh, highly nutritious, and super tasty gourmet mushrooms? Order a Mushroom Kit today.

Pink Oyster

Pink Oysters are deliciously juicy and sweet. This tropical mushroom species is great when roasted on a pizza or tossed through pasta.


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A pearl oyster mushroom kit that has finished a grow cycleA Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Pearl Oyster


Blue Oyster


Happy mushroom growers

Our Promise

Our Mushroom Kits come with a Grow Guarantee.

If you see no activity after following the instructions, please send us an email and we'll be glad to help! If your Mushroom Kit still doesn't grow, we'll happily send you a free replacement.

You will grow your own mushrooms, we promise.

Helpful answers

Q. How long can I store the kit without fruiting it?

Keep your Mushroom Kit at stable room temperature and be careful not to place it somewhere that could exceed 30 degrees Celsius. We recommend that if you are buying a pink kit or a Lion's Mane kit to start it when you receive it as they do not store as well as the other oyster kits. If you are looking at storing a kit, we recommend choosing our White or Pearl Oyster Mushroom Kit as they can be stored for a couple of months.

Q. How long do I wait for mushroom growth?

Average fruiting times are listed on the box of the grow kit and vary between species. Oyster mushrooms are the fastest growing, in just 7-14 days, while Lion's Mane mushrooms take 14-21 days. If you grow multiple varieties you will notice that the Pink Oyster kit produces mushrooms a lot faster. This is completely normal and your other mushroom kits won't be too far behind.

Q. How many mushrooms will I get?

Mushrooms are a living organism and it is very hard to predict exactly what you'll harvest! From your first harvest, you should receive enough to cook a meal for 1-2 people. Every bonus crop (see below) after your first will yield slightly less. If you don't think you're seeing this amount of growth, send us an email with a picture and we'll be happy to help!

Q. How do I get a second crop of mushrooms?

Oyster Mushrooms:

Once you've harvested your first crop, remove any mushroom debris left on the block and let it rest for a week. You may see a second crop start by itself, in that case start from step 2 on your instruction card. If not, remove the bag from the box and float the bag overnight in a bowl of water, cut side down. The next morning drain any excess water out of the bag and wait for pins to emerge and repeat the fruiting process. For a quicker second crop, flip the block around inside the box and fruit from the other side. Then, once you've harvested from both sides following the instructions for soaking the block.

Lion's Mane:

Once you’ve harvested your first crop, take the block out of the box and turn it around so the other large face of the block is now facing out of the open panel. Cut a small ‘X’ in the centre on the new side and start the process again. It will take another couple of weeks for the second crop to form. You can keep trying to cut new holes in the block and grow more Lion’s Mane after each harvest.

Q. Can I get a third crop of mushrooms?

You may be lucky and try for a third crop, to do this follow the same steps you did for a second crop. Once your kit refuses to fruit anymore use the spent substrate on your garden as mulch.


Q. Where do you ship to?

Our Mushroom Kits are shipped in home-compostable satchels and can be sent to all Australian States and Territories except for WA. Visit our Shipping page for estimated delivery times and more information.