How to grow your mushrooms

1. Prep

Open the box to find your detailed instruction card and spray bottle.

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2. Water

Mist the cut area 2-3 times per day to create a humid environment.

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3. Harvest

After a week or so harvest your mushrooms and try out one of our recipes.

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What's in the box?

The Little Acre Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit is an easy introduction to growing your own gourmet mushrooms at home. Everything you need is inside the box including:

  • a spray bottle to water your kit
  • detailed instruction card
  • pull-out recipe card
  • substrate inoculated with Oyster mushroom spawn
Rotating gif of Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit Box

Happy mushroom growers


This White Oyster mushroom forms large flat caps and it's savoury flavour and firm texture makes it a fantastic protein swap in meaty dishes.



Pink Oysters are deliciously juicy and sweet. This tropical mushroom species is great roasted on a pizza or tossed through a pasta.


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Our Promise

Our Grow Kits come with a Grow Guarantee.

If you see no activity after following the instructions after two weeks, send us an email. If your Grow Kit does not produce with our help, we will send you a free replacement.

You will grow your own mushrooms, we promise.

White and Pink Oyster mushrooms growing out of a mushroom grow kit

More forest, more fungi!

For every Grow Kit purchased we donate to to fund the restoration of native forest in Australia. Fungi are nature's recyclers, breaking down dead, decaying plant matter and returning their nutrients to the soil. Fungi feed the forest and the forest feeds the fungi - you can't have one without the other.


Got a question?

Q. How long can I store the kit without fruiting it?

Keep your kit at a stable room temperature. Don't keep it somewhere it could exceed 30 degrees celcius. Your kit should have no problems waiting for you for at least three months.

Q. How long do I wait for mushroom growth?

You should expect to see some baby mushrooms within 7-10 days. If you grow both varieties you will notice that the Pink Oyster kit produces mushrooms alot faster. This is completely normal and your White Oysters won't be too far behind.

Q. How many mushrooms will I get?

Mushrooms are a living organism and it is very hard to predict exactly what you'll harvest! From your first harvest, you should receive enough to cook a meal for 1-2 people. Every bonus crop (see below) after your first will yield slightly less. If you don't think you're seeing this amount of growth, send us an email with a picture and we'll be happy to help!

Q. How do I get a second crop of mushrooms?

Once you've harvested your first crop, remove any mushroom debris left on the block and let it rest for a week. You may see a second crop start by itself, in that case start from step 2 on your instruction card. If not, remove the bag from the box and float the bag overnight in a bowl of water, cut side down. The next morning drain any excess water out of the bag and wait for pins to emerge and repeat the fruiting process.

Q. Can I get a third crop of mushrooms?

You may be lucky and try for a third crop, to do this follow the same steps you did for a second crop.